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Title: Untimely (An Untimely Romance #1)
Author: J & L Wells
Release Date: 4 January 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Time - Travel


“An Untimely Romance is a beautiful breakout novel where love is found in the hidden corners of time. A must read for fans of time travel romance!” ~ The Kindle Book Review

ABOUT AN UNTIMELY ROMANCE: Heather Richardson is a seventeen-year-old British girl whose life quickly becomes an emotional roller coaster when she meets Ruben Brown, a twenty-year-old man who works for her father at Freesdon Manor. As much as Heather wants to love Ruben, the cracks in their relationship begin to show as her eighteenth birthday draws nigh. 

In a surprising turn of events Heather is confronted by Frank, an intriguing man from a past that dates back to the nineteenth century. His untimely presence changes everything. 

When she’s thrown back in time by an unrelenting force, Heather realizes that her life is not what it appears to be. Her future has already been written, and it seems she cannot escape her fate, a fate determined by a love lost long ago. In her struggle to find herself, Heather must chose her destiny amidst a dangerous love triangle, vengeful lovers, and passions controlled by the hands of time.
Untimely is book 1 in a New romance series that you are going to love!


“I’ve reserved our own private box for this evening,” Ruben said, pulling back a floor-length curtain.

“I could get quite used to this,” Heather said, before sitting herself down.

She felt more than a little privileged as she peered down to the mass of heads below.

“Back in a sec,” Ruben said, touching her shoulder.

Heather hardly noticed his absence, engrossed with the comings and goings of people seating themselves in the boxes, lower balconies and stalls. She felt a draft as the curtain opened.

“Here,” Ruben said, passing her a small pair of binocular-style opera glasses and a cold beverage.

“Ruben, the suspense is killing me. What are we watching?”

“Madame Butterfly. Heard it’s really good,” Ruben replied, sitting beside her.

She could feel the intensity in his eyes; it was as though he could hardly draw them from her.

“Heather, you look so beautiful.”

She smiled; her face was aglow. She felt his hand slip into hers as the orchestra began to play. She watched intently as the curtain rose, revealing the first scene. The binoculars hardly left her eyes; she was captivated by the arias and the beautiful dresses of the geisha girls. Her fingers tightened around Ruben’s as her emotions were overwhelmed by the portrayal of this enchanting love story. Though it was spoken in Italian throughout, this did not bother Heather, as her heart felt every emotion acted out before her.

Tears welled up in her eyes, spilling over like tiny pearls, encompassed by shallow breaths on reaching the tragic finale.

The orchestra played on during the final curtain call, while the whole auditorium was on their feet with a crescendo of hands meeting and cheers. When the musicians had laid down their instruments for the final time, they walked backstage in single file to the audience’s mounting applause. As the applause died down, Ruben stood gentlemanly like, pulling the chair from beneath her and taking her arm. She was quiet as they walked down the stairs, for she was still very much lost in the love story.

The summer evening was now cloaked in darkness as they walked out to their awaiting car, its soft top now down for their journey home. Heather wearily laid her head on Ruben’s shoulder, relaxing to the purring sound of the engine. She was not tired in a sleepy way, but more from a feeling of contentment. Lost in her daydreams, she envisioned how her life could be. Maybe one day a perfect fairy tale wedding, holidays abroad and more trips to the theatre. It was just a shame that the wrong person was sat at her side.

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Meet the Authors!

Laura Wells is a swimming teacher, with a love of books, animals and, of course, Jane Austen. Once a national swimmer, she now runs three swim schools of her own. She enjoys spending her spare time with her family and two mad Shiba Inus. She lives in Staffordshire, England.

Judy Wells works at a school; in her spare time she enjoys writing poetry and novels, and spending time with her animals. She also lives in Staffordshire, England.

Laura and Judy are a mother and daughter duo; with Judy’s love of poetry and writing and Laura’s ideas, they work extremely well together. Time-travel and historical romance novels are their passion, and they hope that after you have read their books, you will feel the same.

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  1. This one is new to me so thanks for sharing! Time travel books are either a hit or miss from me so I am not sure how I would feel about this one, although the writing is interesting.

    1. You're welcome! I'm not a big time travel person myself, but I have been really trying to broaden my reading horizons lately by reading books that I wouldn't normally. This one definitely has a unique twist and writing style to the whole time travel aspect. Thank you for visiting!