Review Policy

Review Policy

            Hello! My name is Meredith, and I currently reside in Missouri. There is not a time that I can remember where I did not have a passion for books.

You can reach me at to request a review.

I do accept the following genres:
·         Young Adult - contemporary, historical fiction, thriller, horror, mystery, romance, paranormal, etc. 
·         New Adult
·         Paranormal (non-romance)
·         Paranormal (romance)
·         Mystery
·         Suspense
·         Horror
·         Historical Fiction

·         Erotica
·         Cook books
·         Memoirs
·         Sci-Fi
·         Finance
·         Business

If I accept to review your book, please allow up to a month for me to read and post the review. I will respond to your request as soon as my schedule will allow it.

Please read the following:
1.      I do accept ARCs, galleys, manuscripts,  finished copies and ebooks (as long as they are compatible with Kindle)

2.      It is very beneficial if you include a summary, cover, and a small bio of yourself in your request email. I like to put a face to a person and a cover to a book. I would love to get to know you, especially if we will be corresponding about your book.

3.      I will write my honest opinion for the reviews that I write. I will come across the occasional book that I am not a huge fan of. Do not be offended if it is yours. I will not be rude or derogatory about it in my review. My goal with the ratings and reviews I give is to help benefit your success and book’s success.

4.      I am more than willing to work with you if you have a time deadline. Please include that information in your email.

5.      I will do my best to review your book. If I accept to read and review your book,I will email you with the link to my post once the review is written. If I accept to review your book, but end up not reading it, I will still email you to notify about what’s going on with your book.

My blog is rather new, but I am constantly working to improve my viewers’ experience.

*I hold the right to update this review policy at any time.*


  1. I am submitting a book review request to for my YA survival-adventure e-novel set in Nicaragua, Tears of the River.

    Its goal is is to provide a favorable role model and encourage teens to become more self-sufficient. I based the book on my experiences with my incredible daughters, as a Explorer Scout advisor, and my own experiences in Nicaragua and Mexico.

    I can provide an ARC in pdf format. Please let me know if you prefer a different format.

    Best regards, Gordon

    1. Sounds interesting! Shoot me an email, and I will take a closer look at it.

    2. Meredith, I just now stumbled across this. I guess it never came up in my e-mail. Would you still like to check out Tears of the River? I can send you an ARC. Its an e-book now, but will soon be released as a trade paperback and an audiobook.

      Best regards,