Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lost Cause Review

Lost Cause

Author: J.L. Simpson
Average Rating: 4.5/5.0
Personal Rating: 5.0/5.0
Page Count: 312
Finished Reading: July 
Published: July 3rd, 2014

According to Goodreads

Daisy Dunlop loves a challenge but heir hunting is supposed to be easy. She can deal with anything her new job throws at her, except the bullets, bombs and working with P.I. Solomon Liffey. Her husband's best friend is supposed to be looking out for her, but when she uncovers Solomon’s biggest secret he's the one who needs protection.

My opinion:

I received an electronic copy from the author to review, but in no way does that have an influence on my opinions and views. 

I felt like the first chapters were rocky with me. My interpretation of Daisy was rather weak, but as the plot line progresses you can definitely see how Daisy becomes a stronger character. 

Once I got passed chapter two I was drawn into the action. No one could get me to stop reading until I had finished this novel. I would be literally walking around with my face in my Kindle trying to absorb every word. I was constantly on the edge of my seat after each chapter. The suspense and the friendship that grows between Daisy and Solomon immersed me into the story.

Oh my golly gumdrops!!!

Solomon melted my heart. He was so mysterious and guarded, which made my tear through the pages just to see what he was hiding. I had my theories, and then I got to the end to only have them ripped into tiny pieces when I read what he was actually hiding. I loved his protectiveness, and his whole sense of confidence. I wouldn't mind having my own Solomon in my life hahaha! 

I recommend this book to all of you. This is a great novel that is filled to the brim with wit. I can guarantee you'll fall in love with Daisy, Solomon, and Daisy's husband. They all play major roles throughout the novel, and if one wasn't there then the novel would be a bust. I'm going to encourage you to get your hands on this novel, so I can have someone to swoon with over Solomon! 

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  1. Sounds interesting! I don't read adult that often but this one kind of makes me want to read it. Although it kind of seems like there might be a possible romance between Daisy and Solomon? Even though she is married. Or is it just a friendship?

    1. Their relationship is like a big brother/little sister relationship. He always teases her, but yet is always there to guard and protect her. I'm curious to see their relationship mature, so I guess I'll be reading the next books in the series when they come out. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ooh I love how it started rocky and then snuck up on you and became this awesome read! And Solomon sounds like an intriguing character I'm already curious what his deal is! I hadn't heard of this book before but it's on my radar now!

    1. I wouldn't mind meeting Solomon! You know that list of guys from books that every girl wants to date? He's on it! I definitely encourage you to pick it up when you have the chance! Thank you for stopping by!