Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger

Hi everyone! As summer is nearing, I have been busier than ever! The seventeenth book is Last Days of Summer by Steven Kluger. There are several reasons why I highly enjoyed this book. First, it's set in the time period of Hitler and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Anything written during this time period is just really intriguing to me. Second, the novel is written in the form of letters mainly between a young boy and a famous baseball player who develop a friendship as time goes on. After awhile the letters extend to the baseball player's girlfriend as well as his best friend. Third, this is one of the first books that I have read that has kept me chuckling throughout the novel. The writing style is so just so pleasant...if that makes sense. Fourth, the ending. So unsuspecting. I recommend this to everyone who needs a suggestion for a book to read. 

About the Author:
Steve Kluger

  • Novelist
  • Playwright
  • He enjoys dedicating his time to several different organizations:
    • Lambda Legal
    • GLSEN
    • Models of Pride
  • Also an uncle to his nieces and nephews
  • Won the ALA Alex Award in 1999
What to Expect in this Book:
  • Letters
  • Baseball
  • Baseball players
  • War
  • Friendship
  • Amazing ending
  • Five out of five stars.
    • It's a novel that will leave an impression. In my opinion, this novel deserves five out five because of its sentimentality throughout the whole book. This novel is so different from all the other books that are out now. Last Days of Summer is definitely worth your time. 

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