Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Night Children by Kit Reed

Welcome back everyone! The twelfth book is The Night Children by Kit Reed. I despise this book with all my being. I wouldn't be able to tell you all how many times I almost stopped reading this book. I had to literally force myself to finish this book. The plot was so weak, and I found myself asking myself why am I reading this???? The author would switch from a character's perspective to another character's perspective without having a break to show that perspectives were changing. I would be reading, and a page later I would be confused and realized that the perspectives had changed. Another thing is that Reed would repeat herself about a situation in the book two or three times in a matter of a few pages. I gave this book a one out of five. This book had so many different aspects that irked me, and clearly wasn't challenging at all. Even though the idea of the book sounded great the actual story line was a drag. I don't know what the hype was all about for this book. If any of you have read this book leave a comment below because I would love to hear about others' opinions about this book :) 

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