Saturday, February 2, 2013

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Hello fellow book readers!! Here is Book 3 finally! As the above title tells you, the third book is Divergent written by the talented Veronica Roth. To be honest I was really hesitate to read this book and eventually the rest of the series. I had this bad feeling that Divergent would be like all the other books that share the same genre. However, I can say that I was proven wrong. I absolutely loved this book! One thing I really liked was how Roth wrote in a way that made me (the reader) feel like the actions or events were right in front me. Also, Roth's way with words made me (the reader) feel all the different emotions that the characters were going through. If there was pain, sadness, happiness, and/or excitement I would feel them. This is a silly con for the book, but in the beginning when Roth would refer to the character Four, I would sometimes have to re-read the sentence because I would read Four as "for." It's a really petty thing, but really an important character to the story. On a scale from 1-5, with one being absolutely terrible and five being amazing, I would rate this book a five. I don't usually rate a book a five unless the book had something special, and this book just had that something special. Thanks for reading and following along on my journey to 200 books! Book 4 should be up soon! If you have any suggestions for books or you would like to leave a comment about Divergent feel free to leave one. Thank you and talk to you all later! 

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